Dunkbar presents the release of the Nike Dunk Low SP „Veneer“ at Overkill

We teamed up with Berlin’s Overkillshop again because it’s time for another great Nike Dunk Low release. Nike’s Sportswear segment provides the next cool retro version of a Dunk, which will be available soon worldwide. It’s the Nike Dunk Low SP „Veneer“ which has already been announced on the Internet for some time now. We will tell you here how and where you can get the „Veneer“ at Overkill.

After the Nike Dunk Low SP „Plum“ in February, the second model of the legendary „Ugly Duckling“ (aka „Ugly Dunkling“) pack, the „Veneer“ Dunk Low is now coming to Overkill. The original pack contained three colorways of the Nike Dunk. It was launched exclusively in Japan in 2001, which is why the three Dunks got the name affix co.jp back then. In addition to the two already mentioned „Plum“ and „Veneer“ Dunk, the so-called „Ceramic“ colorway belongs to the „Ugly Duckling“ pack. Soon this third orange-black „Ceramic“ colorway will also see the light of sneaker boutiques worldwide as a retro version and will presumably cause storms of enthusiasm, just like the „Plum“ and now the „Veneer“ Dunk, to which we want to come back now.

As with the other two Dunks of the original pack, the name refers to one of the colors used on the shoe. „Veneer“ in this case is the name of the brown on the base of the Dunk. We can see it on the toebox, sidepanel, heel and tongue. The latter two areas are made of nylon, all other parts of the Dunk, including the overlays, are made of suede, which seems to have a quite nice quality. Nike also took care of the shape and kept the toespring low, at least that’s what the pictures let us hope. The eyestay, the rear overlay and the mudguard are in a nice Autumn Green. Especially the latter seems to have a good height this time. Nike listens to its critics, because especially the height of the mudguard has often been too low for old-fashioned Dunk lovers like we are. The Swoosh and the heel tab come in a rich Deep Purple (no, not the metal band). Also purple are the lacing and the outsole, which sits under a white midsole. With khaki on the lining, another color comes into play, but it doesn’t make the overall appearance of the „Veneer“ look unsteady. The green tongue label with its purple Nike/Swoosh logo matches to the upper of the shoe, as does the embroidered green NIKE lettering on the heel tab. Here, one of the most beautiful and harmonious retro Dunks of the year is definitely coming our way.

To get your hands on this wonderful shoe you have to participate in the Overkill raffle, which can be found on the Overkill Instagram account until November 09th, 2020. Hit the link in their bio and follow the instructions to win a the chance to purchase the Nike Dunk Low SP „Veneer“. To all participants: good luck, fingers crossed.

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Nike SB Dunk Low Pro E – Crater | Release Info

It is always nice to see when large companies start to take on their responsibility for the environment and the climate and initiate things that meet this responsibility. Nike has already been doing this for some time. Nike’s “Move to Zero” campaign, in which the aim is to manufacture products that no longer produce emissions or waste materials during the production process also contributes to this plan. The Nike SB Dunk Low with the suffix E, coming out next weekend, is such a product. The E stands for Eco(logical), which is generally viewed as positive for the interrelationship between living beings and their environment.

The Dunk belongs to the so-called “Crater” pack, in which all silhouettes are made in the same environmentally friendly and resources conserving way. In terms of color, the shoe cannot be classified in common color schemes. Due to its special manufacturing method, through which the „Crater“ Dunk consists of at least 20% recycled materials, the colors have an effect that makes the colors appear undefining. According to the Nike colorcode, the canvas base is of a dirty white, while the leather overlays are dark gray. Countless white speckles can be seen in the dark gray, which somehow give the shoe a consistent look. With the Swoosh, material was saved by placing white seams in the form of the Swoosh on the side panel. The lining is dark gray to match the overlays, while the outsole is more like the base. In the outsole, the recycled material becomes even more visible in the form of lots of small pieces. The Midsole is completely white.

In Germany, the shoe will be available at various Nike SB accounts such as ZUPPORT, but interestingly, the sneaker boutique 43einhalb who we have the pictures from, has also received a stock that will be available online as well as in their Fulda and Frankfurt stores. The Nike SB Dunk Low E “Crater” will go online on October 17th at 9:00 am. On the same day, the two aforementioned stores will sell the shoe in-store as soon as they open. But attention!!! Don’t forget to wear your mask!

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Dunkbar presents the release of the Nike Dunk High SP „Michigan“ at Overkill

In May of 2016 it was the last time the Nike Dunk High in the Varsity Maize / Midnight Navy colorway was released …until now. In other words: the Michigan Dunk High is back. But the aforementioned version wasn’t the first retro of this colourway, which is known to be one of the seven Dunks from the original „Be True To Your School“ pack that put Nike’s basketball shoe in the spotlight in 1985. 13 years later, Nike retroed the BTTYS Dunks, consisting of shoes in the colors of the University of Michigan, the University of Kentucky, the University of Iowa, the University of Las Vegas Nevada and the universities in Syracuse, Villanova and St. John’s for the first time. To this day, this 1998 retro version of the shoe is considered to be the highest quality with a full leather upper – of course after the originals from `85. In 2003 another retro version of some BTTYS colorways came onto the market, including this Michigan colorway, because of the fact that in the previous year Nike’s skateboarding segment used the Dunk and brought it out in various versions which earned great popularity. As mentioned above, Nike Sportswear jumped right on the bandwagon and put on the BTTYS Dunks again. Nike SB did not want to deny itself and in 2005 released all seven original colors of the Dunk with an upper made of suede. With those, Nike SB has delivered a masterpiece, because the idea of ​​equipping the shoes with a high-quality, soft suede was really great. A full pack of the SB “Be True To Your School” Dunks still makes the hearts of all collectors beat faster today. In 2012, Nike Sportswear celebrated March Madness of college basketball with the reissue of some of the colourways of the original BTTYS Dunks, but the blue and yellow colors of the Michigan Wolverines were not amongst them and only came back in 2016, as mentioned above.

On today’s version, the color blocking is exactly like its predecessors. Yellow can be found on the toebox, the side panel and the collar, as well as on the nylon tongue. The mudguard, the eyestay and the rear overlay, as well as the Swoosh, the lining and the outsole are blue. The pull tab on the heel and the Nike Air branding on the tongue label are also blue. A third color comes into play here with the white midsole. Or is white no color at all? There is actually a dispute about this …

Something else you can argue about are the quality and the shape of Nike sneakers. With its varying quality, the Dunk also ensures different levels of acceptance in the sneaker scene. Sometimes Nike manages to satisfy all buyers, sometimes poor quality causes irritation. Last week’s Spartans Dunk High makes a great impression in pictures, but some pairs were wrinkling before they even got on feet. Hopefully the Michigan Dunk’s leather is thicker and of better quality so that you don’t want to iron the shoe before wearing them for the first time.

But in order to be able to judge whether ironing is necessary at all, you need the Dunk first. You can get the Nike Dunk High SP “Michigan” via a raffle. Follow the Instagram account @Overkillshop (girls @overkillwomen) and follow the link in the bio. There you will find all terms of participation. As always, good luck to everyone.

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Dunkbar presents the release of the Nike Dunk High SP „Spartan Green“ at Overkill

After all the low tops of the past few weeks, we can finally look forward to a high-cut Nike Dunk again. The so-called „Spartan Green“ comes in the classic two tone upper. This means that the shoe comes with two colors, here it is white and dark green. The colorblocking is based on the classic “True To Your School” Dunks from 1985. The base, consisting of the side panel, toebox and collar, is made of smooth white leather. There is also a white nylon tongue and a white midsole. The overlays, consisting of the mudguard, eyestay and rear overlay, are made of dark green smooth leather. The Swoosh, the lining, the laces and the outsole are also dark green. The small pull tab on the heelcollar, which is typical for the Dunk High, comes in the same green. The Nike logo on the white tongue label is also green. All in all very coherent, like almost all two tone Dunks in the long history of their existence, even if they rarely encountered as much love as they do at the moment. But that’s a good thing, because it means that Nike will play the Dunk with a lot of effort and great continuity.

For the next two Dunk High Releases, the American state of Michigan is apparently the focus of inspiration at Nike, at least that’s what the name of the green shade suggests. The Michigan State Spartans are the Michigan State University’s sports team whose men’s basketball team has won the NCAA title twice. So it’s a university that has a certain reputation in the sport that the Nike Dunk originally comes from. The colors of the Michigan State Spartans are white and the dark green that Nike used for this shoe. The Spartans logo is familiar to many US sports enthusiasts. It shows a Spartan helmet in dark green, which would certainly have done very well as a small logo on the Dunk. It’s a pitty, we would have liked to see that. But for a company like Nike, the question arises whether the shoe will still be commercial enough or whether it will only be of interest to fans of the Spartans.

A single Michigan-inspired shoe doesn’t let a state come into focus, but anyone who has already dealt with the upcoming releases of the Nike Dunk High knows that after this Spartans inspired Dunk the Wolverines Dunk High of the University of Michigan will be next in line to be released. But we will talk about this blue and yellow Dunk sometime soon.

Now it’s all about getting your fingers on the Nike Dunk High SP „Spartan Green“. You can find out exactly how this works on the Instagram account of the Overkillshop. Follow the link in their bio, it will lead you directly to the raffle page. There you will find a form that you have to fill out. You also have to follow @overkillshop on Instagram (girls @overkillwomen) and like the raffle post. Not difficult, right? But now again, good luck to everyone, fingers crossed.

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Dunkbar presents the release of the Nike Dunk Low SP „Community Garden“ at Overkill

After all the re-releases of Dunk colorways that we saw in 2020, a new color variant of the basketball classic is finally dropping. The Nike Dunk Low SP „Community Garden“ works completely without any leather – its upper is made from recycled canvas. Thus, the shoe is not only inclined to animal welfare, but also follows the Nike campaign “Move to Zero”, which aims to manufacture products without producing CO2 and waste. Thumbs up, Nike, for your commitment to the environment. The topic of the shoe, “Community Garden”, also deals in a certain way with the environment, because so-called “Community Gardens” are gardens that can be found all over the world and that are cultivated and managed in community to produce fruits or vegetables, to portray the beauty of nature, to offer oases of relaxation, or to save a piece of land from desertification. So a thoroughly great idea that Nike takes up here for the Dunk Low and tries to implement in their own way through the measures described above.

In terms of color, we see the most colorful Sportswear Dunk in a long time. The basic colors of the „Community Garden“ are „Cardinal Red“, „Lemon Wash“ and „Midnight Torquoise“. We see the red on the rear overlay and on the toebox. The eyestay, the laces, the heel cap and the Swoosh are designed in yellow. The front overlay, like the collar, tongue and lining, has a turquoise hue. Only the side panel and the midsole come in white, with wild, floral graphics running over the side panel and the three overlays. The woven tongue patch shows the Nike logo including Swoosh in red and thus matches the NIKE lettering on the heel cap. The beige outsole is completely out of line in terms of color and somehow does not seem to belong to it. Now, based on the details described, one could assume that this colorful piece might be unwearable, but far from it. The photos circulating in the WorldWideWeb show that the Nike Dunk Low SP “Community Garden” looks wonderful on feet. Not at least because of this, getting the shoe will not be so easy again.

But as always, Overkill provides the opportunity to get hold of this “beauty” when it comes to the Nike Sportswear Dunk. A raffle has already started, so head over to the Overkill Instagram account and follow the “LinkInBio”. From there, you will be redirected to the raffle page. Follow the instructions and keep your fingers crossed for the chance to buy one of the coveted shoes.

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Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS – Medicom TOY Bearbrick | Detailed Pictures

Today we show you some pictures of the Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS – Medicom Toy Be@rbrick.

For more information’s about this release check our article here.

ModelNike SB Dunk Low Pro OQ QS
NameMedicom Toy Bearbrick
CodeCZ5127 001
Release Date21.08.2020

For more detailed pictures from different Dunks click here.

Nike SB Dunk Low X Medicom | Release Info

As you all are aware, bear hunting season has started. Get your rifles ready, let’s shoot some Medicom Dunks! We compiled a little list of skateshops and info about how the release is handled…hope it helps, fellow hunters.

We’ll update the list with new info as soon as we get it.

Dunkbar presents the release of the Nike Dunk Low SP – Samba at Overkill

The big Nike Dunk festival 2020 continues. This week the retro version of a very nice “co.jp” Dunk will drop, which we reviewed for Berlin based Sneaker boutique Overkill. The Nike Sportswear Dunk will be released worldwide on Thursday, August 20th. Overkill is doing a raffle for wich you will find the link here.

Just like the Nike Dunk Low Pro B „Plum“ co.jp, this Dunk Low also came out originally in 2001. And 2001 was a very good year for Dunks. In addition to these two Dunks, it brought such beauties like the first two Stussy x Nike Dunk High or the Ugly Duckling Pack. Which, if the rumors are true, will also be released again soon.

But lets take a look at the Nike Dunk Low SP „Samba“. Back in the days, the shoe had the addition “co.jp” which tells us that this colorway of the Dunk was exclusively produced for the Japanese market. It was in very good company, as some extremely sought-after Dunks of the early 2000s are also such “co.jp” Dunks, e.g. the Viotech, the Argon, the Cave or the already mentioned Plum and Ugly Duckling. If you can believe Nike, the „Samba“ comes as a very true to OG retro. As always, one of our greatest hopes is that this not only applies to the angles, proportions and color shades of the panels, but especially to the quality of the materials.

Nike unfortunately has not always been able to convince us in the past or even this year. But we have to admit that Nike Sportswear has managed to increase the quality especially with the recently released “Champs Colors” Dunk. Of course we are also aware that it is no longer possible to offer the same material quality in terms of price as, for example, 19 years ago when the „Samba“ came out, but as a customer you should at least assume that the material is good enough so the leather does not wrinkle or crease before it hits the street the first time. At Dunkbar, this is the question that concerns us most.

The upper of the „Samba“ is completely made of smooth leather. The toebox, the side panel and the collar are held in Hyper Blue. The tongue and its label are also in a matching blue. On the tongue label is the Nike lettering with the Swoosh, both in white. The eyestay, the rear overlay and the mudguard come in Silver Gray and thus set a strong contrast to the blue. An even bigger contrast set the Samba Red carbon fiber Swoosh and the heel tab on which the NIKE lettering was embroidered in black.

In addition, the outsole is red. The term carbon fiber actually refers to the material of the Swoosh and the heel tab. We expect a Swoosh made of carbon fiber, a material that was used in the light bulb by Thomas Alva Edison as early as 1879 and with which more and more things have been made since the 1970s, because carbon fibers have a high strength and rigidity through a certain treatment. Why, of all things, a Nike shoe has to have a Swoosh made of this material is not clear to us. But if we remember, the early 2000s was a time when things were increasingly made out of carbon. So why not the Swoosh too? Another color comes into play with white. In addition to the midsole and the laces, the lining is also white.

All this results in the harmonious image of the Nike Dunk Low SP “Samba”. The nickname „Samba“ only refers to the red that was used on the described parts of the shoe. It’s a color code used by Nike for this special shade of red.

The hype about Dunks is real, so the Overkillshop has no choice but to raffle off a purchase option for the shoe through an online raffle. As always, you can sign up in a form where you have to follow certain rules to participate. There you can indicate whether you want to pick up the shoe personally or have it sent to you. Follow the Overkill Instagram account so you won’t miss any deadlines.

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