Nike Dunk Low – Plum – Don’t call it a Plumback !

Let’s compare the latest Nike Dunk Low SP release called „Plum“ (CU1726-500) with the original Nike Dunk Low Pro B – Plum (624044-561) release from 2001.

First of all, it is of course bold to release a retro of a legendary sneaker. The risk of losing is simply very high, but Nike took the risk and at least tried to make a „Plum“ Retro and we nod our head to that.

The biggest distinctive difference is the color itself. Look at the pictures, that’s not the plum we would have expected for a retro in 2020. If the color already doesn’t match, why stop in changing stuff? Tongue and heel are looking very different and not even the laces come close to the original release.

The suede upper is far from that buttery soft suede the original showed, but to be fair, in the past Nike releases had much worse suede-uppers than this.

Don’t get me wrong – this release is a not a bad one by itself. But „Don’t call it a Plumback!“, when it’s in reality just a reference to the OG.