Dunkbar presents the release of the Nike Dunk Low “University Red” at Overkill

Again, Berlin’s Overkillshop has a very special release on its agenda this weekend. It’s the Nike Dunk Low SP “University Red”, which we prefer to call “St. John’s ” at Dunkbar and which, if delivery dates can be met in this corona time, will be raffeled off to the public online on Friday, June 12, 2020.

After the „Syracuse“ and the „Kentucky“ Dunk Low SP, this is the third colorway of Sportswear Dunks this year which were originally released in 1985 as high-cut versions under the label „Be True To Your School“. And if you want to stretch it a little further, we already see the fourth „two-tone“ Dunk Low this year. Because just two weeks ago the „Brazil“ Dunk Low was released. The term „two-tone“ is almost self-explanatory. These are Dunks that are equipped with a two-tone color blocking in the upper. The base of the shoe shows one of the two colors and the overlays and the outsole show the other of the two colors. Since the Swoosh sits on the base, it is also seen as an overlay and is designed in the second color. From the leaked pictures we have seen on Instagram in the last few days, it appears that numerous high and low Sportswear Dunks with a “two tone” look will even be available in 2021.

The reason why these two-tone versions of the shoe are so popular is probably due to Nike’s “Be True To Your School” campaign from 1985, mentioned above. At that time, the Dunk was a completely new model and it was introduced in seven different colorways. These colorways all represented honorable universities in the United States that played an important role in college basketball and some still do today. These seven schools that were chosen to get a basketball shoein their own colors were the universities of Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Syracuse, St. John’s, Villanova and Nevada, more commonly known by the name UNLV. At that time, Nike’s campaign hit like a bomb because in addition to the players, now the students, the alumni and the fans of the basketball teams had the opportunity to express their love for the team and the university through their shoes every day. The popularity can be seen, among other things, from the fact that all color variants from the „BTTYS“ have been brought back to the market several times as retros.

We can hardly wait for the St. John’s Colorway to be released as a low cut version. The shoe with a white leather base shows the rich University Red of St. John’s University on the overlays, the Swoosh, the Outsole, the Lining, the Lacing and the Nike branding on the tongue label. The white of the base is taken up again by the midsole, the nylon tongue and the NIKE lettering on the red heel tab. Similar to the “Brazil”, the shape, the angles and the paneling are also very well executed. We hope that this time the leather is thicker than of the „Brazil“ Dunk, because the thin leather of the „Brazil“ means that the shoe wrinkels very easily, especially on the side panel, and sometimes looks crumpled. Nevertheless, this Nike Dunk Low SP “St. John’s“ is a must have for every Dunk lover, so keep your fingers crossed for the raffle that is open at Overkillshop and which closes this Friday at 7pm. Fingers crossed…

Via Overkill