Nike SB Dunk Mid – „Griffey Jr.“ – Preview

Here is our first look at the Nike Dunk Mid SB „Griffey Jr.“. A picture of the shoe appeared a couple of days ago on instagram where it was nicknamed „Griffey Jr.“ because of its colorway which seems to be reminiscent of the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 „Freshwater“. The shoe was the signature model of Ken Griffey Jr., a former baseball outfielder of the Seattle Mariners in the 1990s. Back in 1996, when the „Freshwater“ Air Griffey Max 1 was first released, it featured the Mariners color Northwest Green (Teal), along with Black and White, just like the Nike Dunk Mid SB you can see here. The base of the Dunk is held in the aforementioned Northwest Green, black overlays set a contrast on the upper. The material of that upper seems to be a very smooth suede. The white Swoosh is complemented by a smaller white Swoosh on the Toebox, which is another hint that the shoe is inspired by the Air Griffey Max 1 because it also had that Mini-Swoosh on the toebox. Midsole and outsole are both black, whereby the stiching on the midsole shows a contrasting white. The lining also comes in black. Like most mid cut SB Dunks, the „Griffey Jr.“ features a strap across the ankle. Usually, the letters SB are placed at the end of that strap. In this case, we see the number 58 instead of the letters but it happens to look a little bit like the letters SB. It is said that the 58 is a reference to the „Club 58“ which is the peak of Nike SB retailers. Other than the so called ISO (in skateshops/ in speciality only) Dunks which are much more widespread, the „Club 58“ shoes will only get to the club members around the world. If those are actually 58 shops, we can not say for sure. The name „Club 58“ comes from a Nike SB tour through the US in 2016, where local skateshops were visited and then filmed to show what they do for their local skate scene.

We unfotunately have no information if the 58 is just a reminiscence of the „Club 58“ or if it means that only those club memders will stock the shoe. Nevertheless, the release of the Nike Dunk Mid SB „Griffey Jr.“ is set for April 1st, 2020, but due to the corona crisis we assume that many stores will get their deliveries later than that, so no warranty that your trusted SB dealer will be able to sell it to you next Wednesday. But what we know is that the ZUPPORT store in Trier will get it around April 1st, which is not an April Fool.