Nike iD Studio Dunks | Back in the Days

A little while ago, about 15 years ago, several Nike iD Studios (Nike iD is now called Nike ByYou or something?) were opened up all over the globe. Access was by invite only, meaning most visitors were artists or media representatives. Mind you, almost no bloggers were invited in the early days, as all the brands still didn’t know how to deal with leaks and fast news spread by sneaker blogs. That changed a little later, which is why Dunkbar was able to visit in 2008 and check out the place and the available iD options. This is a little trip down memory lane, along some Dunks one hasn’t seen that often.

In these studios, placed in key cities such as New York City, Paris or Berlin, you’d have access to exclusive options, materials and colors. The Berlin space was placed inside a pioneer marketing space by Nike, which we might talk about in other posts about the past. This time its all about some pictures!

These are the available options for a Nike iD Dunk back when we visited.

While going through the designing steps, one thing more sets the studio visit apart from the online experience. We’re talking about the chance to try out sizes, and with that option came a whole size-range of Samples with a really unique look to them as well. Executed in all grey, they gave our cherished silhouette a rarely seen clean look, take a look for yourself. There have been just a couple of size-runs of these, so they’re quite rare in existence.

After having our questions if we could have one of those, and if everyone likes them as much as we do answered with no and yes, unfortunately in that order, we moved on to create some Dunkbar Dunks. We’ll save those for another post though.

PS: We luckily managed to get our hands on some of the Try-On samples later in life, many seasons after the visit, so yeah, these are brand-new pictures of old shoes.