Rumor: Nike SB Dunk Low „Atmos Elephant“

As the release of the Safari-inspired SB Dunk Low is coming closer, rumors of another legendary colorway making its way to the SB Dunk are spreading around. A colorway originally designed by Japanese sneaker store Atmos might be executed on a Dunk Low in the upcoming seasons, the famed Air Max 1 Elephant design is what we are talking about.

This is just a rumor at the moment, yet we couldn’t help it and create a mock-up of what this new Dunk might look like. And actually, we are quite excited now, as this looks really stunning. Let’s have some patience and wait for official pictures…up until then, this mock-up is all we got.

Nike Dunk Low – Plum – Don’t call it a Plumback !

Let’s compare the latest Nike Dunk Low SP release called „Plum“ (CU1726-500) with the original Nike Dunk Low Pro B – Plum (624044-561) release from 2001.

First of all, it is of course bold to release a retro of a legendary sneaker. The risk of losing is simply very high, but Nike took the risk and at least tried to make a „Plum“ Retro and we nod our head to that.

The biggest distinctive difference is the color itself. Look at the pictures, that’s not the plum we would have expected for a retro in 2020. If the color already doesn’t match, why stop in changing stuff? Tongue and heel are looking very different and not even the laces come close to the original release.

The suede upper is far from that buttery soft suede the original showed, but to be fair, in the past Nike releases had much worse suede-uppers than this.

Don’t get me wrong – this release is a not a bad one by itself. But „Don’t call it a Plumback!“, when it’s in reality just a reference to the OG.

Beauty of the past: Nike Dunk Low – Oxide Dunks

In our ongoing series Beauty of the past we are casting the spotlight on older colours and variations of the Dunk. The kick-off is a little look at the forgotten beauties that are the Oxide Dunks straight from the early 2000s.

For a very short period, just before Nike SB was emerging in 2002, there was another series of Dunks which were meant for skateboarding – the Pro B Series.

A thicker and rubber-attached tongue as well as bigger laces set the Pro B Series apart from the regular Dunks of the era. One of the last models in 2002 was the Dunk Low Pro with the colorway Oxide/True White – Dark Obsidian. To us, it’s one of the very best Dunks from those years. A balanced colorway with great quality materials, what else does one need.

Soon after, another Oxide Dunk surfaced as a Footlocker exclusive (Colors: Oxide/Light Sandstone – Dark Obsidian, Code: 304714-901) – made from buttery suede, this Dunk is a real highlight coming from that era. Oh, by the way, shoes are meant to be worn, thus the backup-pair.

Nike Dunk Low ‘Syracuse’ Coming

Just yesterday pictures of a Nike Sportswear Dunk Low in Syracuse Orange/ White in ChicagoDon’s Instagram stories appeared and already today we see Australian retailer Up There with great pictures of the shoe. In Australia the low top version of the infamous Nike „Be True To Your School“ Syracuse colorway will already be released tomorrow, 25th February, 2020. The good news is that the pair will also be dropped here in Germany but unfortunately not tomorrow. A definite release date is not set yet, but it will probably take place anytime soon. The release seems to hit only key accounts due to its limitation. We don’t want to speak of a comeback of all „BTTYS“ colorways cause this is the only original color announced to comeback so far. Besides this one, there will be a Carolina Blue Nike Sportswear Dunk Low coming in March of which we haven’t seen pictures yet and which of course doesn’t fit the „BTTYS“ series.

The pictures look really good so we can’t wait for this beauty to be released. We keep you updated about the release date on our Instagram account so make sure to follow .

Via Up There

Nike iD Studio Dunks | Back in the Days

A little while ago, about 15 years ago, several Nike iD Studios (Nike iD is now called Nike ByYou or something?) were opened up all over the globe. Access was by invite only, meaning most visitors were artists or media representatives. Mind you, almost no bloggers were invited in the early days, as all the brands still didn’t know how to deal with leaks and fast news spread by sneaker blogs. That changed a little later, which is why Dunkbar was able to visit in 2008 and check out the place and the available iD options. This is a little trip down memory lane, along some Dunks one hasn’t seen that often.

In these studios, placed in key cities such as New York City, Paris or Berlin, you’d have access to exclusive options, materials and colors. The Berlin space was placed inside a pioneer marketing space by Nike, which we might talk about in other posts about the past. This time its all about some pictures!

These are the available options for a Nike iD Dunk back when we visited.

While going through the designing steps, one thing more sets the studio visit apart from the online experience. We’re talking about the chance to try out sizes, and with that option came a whole size-range of Samples with a really unique look to them as well. Executed in all grey, they gave our cherished silhouette a rarely seen clean look, take a look for yourself. There have been just a couple of size-runs of these, so they’re quite rare in existence.

After having our questions if we could have one of those, and if everyone likes them as much as we do answered with no and yes, unfortunately in that order, we moved on to create some Dunkbar Dunks. We’ll save those for another post though.

PS: We luckily managed to get our hands on some of the Try-On samples later in life, many seasons after the visit, so yeah, these are brand-new pictures of old shoes.

The Nike SB Dunk Low gets a “Safari” look

Good news, everybody – the Nike SB Dunk Low “Safari” seems to be a “GR” – a general release. This means that numbers won’t be too limited and more people will have the chance to cop this nice version of the Nike SB Dunk Low.

As a reminiscence of the Nike Air Max 1 “Safari”, which was born from the collaboration of Nike and the infamous Tokyo based streetwear and seaker boutique atmos in 2002, the Nike SB Dunk Low “Safari” will hit stores in Europe and the US in March. Back in 2002, the Japanese retailers atmos were the first to leave their mark on the AM1 and they decided to pay homage to a shoe called Nike Safari, a shoe that released together with the original Nike Air Max 1 in 1987. atmos put some “safari” print on their Air Max 1, a pattern that the Nike Air Safari was dressed in and named after.

Nike SB has picked up on the design theme of the atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Safari” from 2002 and transferred it onto the SB Dunk Low almost 1 to 1 in colors, materials and all the little details. We see a base of light brown tones. The toebox and collar are made of canvas, whereas the side panel features a shining suede. A dark brown is used on the heel tab on which sitz a smeall green Swoosh. In contrast to all those earthy tones, the overlays are held in the eponymous grey safari print. On that safari print we can see a stitched black mini Swoosh in the area of the outer forefoot.

The color of the Swoosh on the outside is also light brown, almost yellow, the one on the inside has a dull green. Both, mini Swoosh and main Swoosh colors are details that were taken from the OG atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Safari”. On the plush black mesh tongue sits a green tongue label with a matching brown Nike SB Dunk Low Pro lettering. A white midsole and a gum outsole complete this well executed SB Dunk Low. The quality of the material of the sample was really promising so let’s hope that Nike will keep this up for the release version. Only thing to complain about seems to be the quality of the safari print overlays. It is said that compared to the OG Nike Air Safari and the atmos x Air Max 1 “Safari”, the quality of the safari print is worthy of improvement though.

The European and US release date is set for 14th March 2020. Skateshops like Wind, Blowout and Civilist will get the Nike SB Dunk Low “Safari”. If it really will be a “GR”, we assume that many more shops will get the shoe and even offer it online…we’ll keep you updated. To see all updates, make sure to follow on Instagram.

images via Stadium Goods

Nike SB Dunk Low – Strangelove | Detailed Pictures

Welcome to our detailed pictures Series.

Today we show you some pictures of the Nike SB Dunk Low – Strangelove.

For more detailed pictures from different Dunks click here.

ModelNike SB Dunk Low
ColorwayBright Melon/Gym Red
UpperPlush, Suede
Release Date31.01.2020


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